MMORPG Crowfall is already being sold to another studio

The MMORPG Crowfall was released on July 6th 2021, but had problems with the number of players shortly after its release. Now ArtCraft announces that the IP will be sold to the indie developer Monumental. The takeover begins immediately.

That was announced: ArtCraft announced in a press release that they had sold their PvP MMORPG Crowfall to the indie studio Monumental. But not only the IP Crowfall will now be handed over to the new owners, but also the entire development team of the MMORPG. This includes President and Executive Producer Gordon Walton.

He and his colleagues will leave ArtCraft and continue to develop Crowfall for Monumental and keep it going. Since both studios are headquartered in Austin, Texas, that shouldn’t pose a problem, at least from a purely logistical point of view. The handover of the MMORPG begins immediately, whereby there should be no interruptions in the game operation.

Monumental’s chief executive officer, Monty Kerr, claims to be one of Crowfall’s early backers on Kickstarter and is also an active player himself. In his statement on the purchase, he said that he was delighted to see Crowfall in his studio. The remaining developers at ArtCraft, however, will devote themselves to working on an unannounced project.

Who is Monumental? If you look at the game portfolio of the Endie developer on their official website, you will quickly see that they have mainly specialized in mobile games:

  • Little Alchemists (4.3 stars in the Google Store)
  • Storm Wars (4.6 stars in the Google Store)
  • Looty Dungeon (4.6 stars in the Google Store)

In October 2021, Monumental also bought the dying Steam card game Mythgard, which has extremely good ratings, but only has a very low number of players. The goal was to save Mythgard from maintenance mode. A similar approach now seems to be taking place at Crowfall.

What were Crowfall’s problems? The Kickstarter MMORPG was presented in 2015 and was able to raise enough money for development. The launch was muted and the number of players seemed to be far below the number of backers. A measure was introduced relatively quickly to prevent bots from reading the number of players in the MMORPG. Then in September 2021 came the news of the layoff of employees, which ArtCraft initially did not comment on.

At the beginning of December, a gloomy picture of Crowfall emerged in a letter to investors:

  • The number of players is lower than expected
  • The September dismissals have been confirmed
  • The earnings per quarter were below the set targets and in the third quarter of 2021 the company even made a loss of 2.4 million dollars.

The letter spoke clearly: If there are no significant changes, Crowfall is either switched to maintenance mode in order to reduce costs, or even switched off completely.

Apparently, the developer Monumental intervened at the point and offered to buy the MMORPG, similar to what they had already done with the card game Mythgard.

How exactly the future of Crowfall will look like, whether there will be changes in monetization or in content type, is not yet known.

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