MMORPG Albion Online now has 271,000 players online every day

The MMORPG Albion Online is being developed in Berlin and was released on the PC in 2017. As the developers announced in a post at the turn of the year, they were able to double their average number of players in 2021: After almost 10 years, they have finally implemented a goal of the MMORPG and have taken off on a new platform – on mobile (iOS, Android).

What kind of MMORPG is Albion Online?

Albion Online is a free fantasy MMORPG set in a medieval world based on the Arthurian legend. The MMORPG is played in the ISO perspective, similar to Ultima Online or Diablo III. The focus of Albion Online is clearly on PvP and a great freedom of the players.

Mobile launch in June doubles number of Albion Online players

What brought the player boom? As the developers say, new records were set for the number of players in 2020 and in February 2021 there were around 135,000 daily active players. An event in March increased the number to 140,000. The big boom came in June 2021 when the mobile launch was finally carried out. With the possibility of playing Albion online on desktop PC and mobile, the players were given a lot more motivation to be active and the number of players doubled to around 271,000 active users.

Why was that so important to Albion Online? The developers say they had the idea for 10 years that you should play Albion Online on desktop and mobile – it doesn’t matter. The game was therefore developed as a “cross-play title” from the start. But it didn’t really become a reality until June 9, 2021, when Albion Online brought the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

This is what lies behind it: Ever since people started talking about Albion Online, one of the exciting topics has really been this “play equally well on PC and mobile”. The exciting thing here is that everything takes place in a common game world – and there are no separate worlds, as is often the case with games for mobile and PC.

The mobile launch took a long time. It has been possible to download mobile versions of Albion Online for a long time, but the game was only in beta there for many years. The access to the big app stores apparently brought another huge rush of players to the game. As a PvP title in the ISO perspective, Albion Online is running a bit under the radar for many classic MMORPG players, maybe that will change in 2022.

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