Mass Effect Aaryn Flynn

Mass Effect developer will present his new MMORPG at The Game Awards

Former BioWare CEO Aaryn Flynn left the company in 2017. The studio veteran employee bid farewell to the company a few months after the disastrous launch of Mass Effect: Andromeda, resigning in favour of Mass Effect series director Casey Hudson.

However, Flynn’s departure from BioWare was not the end of his career: in 2018, he joined Improbable Worlds Limited. Now Aaryn and his team are preparing to showcase what they are working on to the public. The developers plan to present their new game during The Game Awards ceremony on December 9.

What is known about the project is that the next Improbable game is an online role-playing game using Unreal Engine 4 and the company’s patented SpatialOS technology. Little else has been publicly confirmed other than that the company has given Flynn creative control. Gamers will have to wait until The Game Awards ceremony to learn about the new project

FYI, SpatialOS is a computation platform for creating massive simulations for game worlds running on dozens and hundreds of servers.

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