Lost Ark: New trailer shows new stories in Arkesia

The hype about Lost Ark continues, the release is getting closer and to sweeten our time while we wait, a new trailer has been released that tells us the story of Arkesia.

It all started with the Ark, from which a new world emerged – Arkesia. The ark shattered and seven pieces are now scattered around the world. But Arkesia was under constant threat as the demons drawn to the light opened a rift. 500 years later, Lord Kazeros dispatches an army of demons and only the reunion of the Ark can end the war. A great responsibility rests on the shoulders of new heroes, for only they, united together, can save Arkesia.

The new video takes us through the areas of Arkesia and tells what stories await us there. We start in Rethramis, where we learn the first skills and prepare for the further journey. After that we get a tour of some adventures that we will have in the game.

What is Lost Ark? Lost Ark is an action MMORPG from Korea that will celebrate its official release in the West on February 11, 2022. However, you can start with the corresponding pre-order packages as early as February 8th. The release will take place on the PC and only via the Steam platform. It’s similar to Diablo in terms of combat gameplay, you play in ISO perspective, and it has hack’n’slay controls. But behind the facade is a complete MMORPG. Lost Ark is very successful in Korea and is among the top games in the country.

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