Hell let loose

Hell Let Loose gets new ‘Outflank’ update

BlackMatter and Team17 have announced the release of a significant free ‘Outflank’ update for a realistic shooter Hell Let Loose, set in World War II.


The update brings a lot of gameplay changes to the game and adds new content: maps, equipment and weapons.

  • Added a Halftracks (for all factions)
  • Added Panzer IV tank (German faction)
  • The Panther tank was temporarily removed from the game
  • Added weapons: Winchester 1897 Trench Gun, FG-42 for 10 and 20 rounds
  • Added new achievements
  • New maps: PHL Offensive GER, FOY Offensive US, Hill 400 Offensive GER, Carentan Offensive GER
  • Lots of interface edits, sound, animation and bug fixes

The update has been released only for the PC version of the shooter so far.

Hell Let Loose has been released on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series. There is now a 25% discount on Steam until December 13.

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