Fractured Online MMORPG stared in the closed beta

Starting April 6th, the Fractured Online Closed Beta is playable. What is Fractured Online?

This is an MMORPG with an open world sandbox. The setting is classic, Western-inspired medieval fantasy.
There are PvP and PvE elements, and the game is played from the iso perspective known from Lost Ark or Diablo. The combat system takes place in real time and is action-focused. It should depend on skill and skill, not on equipment or player level.

Fractured Online reminded us a lot of Ultima Online and is clearly an old-school MMO. It is clearly aimed at lovers of this type of games. The basic technical framework is rather old-fashioned.

Fractured Online launches closed beta

This is what you can expect in the closed beta: Apparently, a fairly large part of the game will be included. According to the announcement, you can explore different biomes. This includes:

  • snowy mountains
  • a hot volcanic region
  • a steppe region with heavy rain
  • a tundra region where there are fewer weather anomalies. But there are all the more monsters to fight there
  • like mammoths, jotunns, arctic wolves and elementals
  • during the closed beta there will be several events across different developer channels

When does the closed beta start and how do you participate? The beta is available from April 6th. To participate, you must purchase the Founder’s Pack from the official website. The bronze version costs 24.99 euros there, the most expensive version costs 129.99 euros. In addition to beta participation, there should be other in-game rewards.

More details are to follow in the future. According to the developers, Fractured is more about skill than your level and equipment. Cleverness and skill should be rewarded. You can choose to play PvE and PvP content, solo or in a group. The economy also plays an important role, as is common in most MMORPGs. The game doesn’t give you any guidelines, you can choose your own path.

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