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For Honor: start of Year 5 Season 4 ‘Frozen Shores’

Ubisoft has announced the launch of a new Year 5 Season 4 in For Honor. A fresh trailer was published dedicated to this event, in which several new items for the Frozen Shores battle pass were shown.



You can already purchase the new Battle Pass in the Ubisoft Store. As usual, it offers 100 award Tiers and is valid until March 15, 2022. Those interested can buy its extended version, the Y5S4 Battle bundle. This option immediately unlocks 25 levels and gives a 10% bonus to battle pass points.
From December 9 to December 30, the traditional Frost Winds Celebration returns to the game with new rewards, including a unique gift-giving animation. In the new season, another hero will appear, the knight Gryphon, who can act as a healer or a support fighter. A meeting with him is expected in January 2022.

In addition, Ubisoft has released theĀ For Honor update 2.32 December 9 patch, which brings Frozen Shores update into the game. Ubisoft calls this title update 2.32.0 and 2.32.1 and brings a host of gameplay tweaks into the fold as well.

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