Bioshock 4: The game world will be cold

There are new rumors about the first-person shooter Bioshock 4 and its setting. According to industry veteran Colin Moriarty, the game allegedly takes place in an Antarctic city called Borealis. He also reports on the general attitude of the development team when working on the game.

Is the first person shooter Bioshock 4 set in a city that can be found on the icy Antarctica? At least that’s what YouTuber and industry veteran Colin Moriarty claims. In the latest episode of his podcast “Sacred Symbols” he came up with the new Bioshock episode and had some interesting details on hand.

Game world of Bioshock 4

As the Colin Moriarty podcast shows, the gameplay for the next Bioshock episode is set in a town called Borealis. This is supposed to be found in Antarctica and therefore in a very inhospitable environment. The game is also being developed at Cloud Chamber Games under the project name “Parkside”.

Moriarty also reports in his podcast about the general attitude of the team when working on the next Bioshock. Accordingly, the team is very careful to get everything right and is aware of the enormous expectations. After all, fans would compare the new game to the previous Bioshock episodes.

Does the information coincide with previous leaks about Bioshock 4?

Only recently game news report on some information bites. According to them, the game is supposed to be called Bioshock: Isolation, which could be understood as a direct reference to the Antarctic wasteland. In addition, it said in the previous leak that the game is located in two cities that are horizontally mirrored on top of each other.

In relation to the new leak, it could mean that part of the city of Borealis is built on the ice and another part is below it. So far, however, there has been neither a confirmation nor a denial from the developer studio Cloud Chamber Games or the publisher 2K Games.

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