Bellatores: new PC MMORPG on Steam in Unreal Engine 5

Bellatores is the name of the latest game from developer Nyou. They are already known for some mobile MMORPGs. But her latest work should only appear for the PC on Steam and be implemented in the Unreal Engine 5.

What kind of game is this? Bellatores was originally announced as Project N1 in 2020. It is supposed to be a fantasy MMORPG that focuses on a medieval world. Although the developer is based in Korea, the West should be the target group.

  • The world should mix a more realistic medieval scenario with fantasy elements
  • You should be able to make decisions in the course of the story that affect the course.
  • A “survival adventure” with huge PvP battles awaits you. The different continents in the game world should compete with each other.
  • The characters are all kept in a more western style and there should be no sexualization and gender lock.

When is the game out? There should be a playable version of the MMORPG in 2022. However, it is currently unclear whether it will already be the finished version or rather an alpha or beta. However, the developers emphasized that the global release and the international market are important to them. However, there is no gameplay for Bellatores yet.

Bellatores gets a lot of money for the implementation

What is special about the MMORPG? The developers recently announced that they received a cash injection of the equivalent of 23 million euros to promote the implementation of Bellatores. Already in 2020 there should have been more than 30 million euros for the development by investors. They should also help with sales and the service infrastructure and make their know-how available.

The investments involved are large sums that many Western studios trying their hand at new MMORPGs can only dream of. In addition, Nyou has its own income from mobile games.

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