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Battlefield 2042: Free Weekend in one month after release

Free Weekend kicks off in the Steam version of Battlefield 2042. Free access to the AAA-shooter launched a month after the release: the game was released in Early Access on November 12.


The free weekend runs until December 20, when all Battlefield 2042 content is available to everyone. Typically, for popular games, the launch of a free weekend leads to a sharp online increase. In the case of Battlefield 2042, this has not happened yet.

On the evening of December 16, there were about 19k people in the game simultaneously – higher than on an average weekday but lower than on weekends. Right now, 20k people are playing Battlefield 2042 concurrently.

However, online is gradually growing. Battlefield 2042‘s peak player count may still be higher this weekend than it was a week ago.

At the same time, discounts have already started on Battlefield 2042: the regular version can be purchased 34% cheaper than the regular price.  People, who bought the game, are still sceptical about its quality.

Battlefield 2042 has primarily negative reviews: only 34% of reviewers rate the game positively.

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