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Back 4 Blood: long-awaited offline mode and new cards

The original Left 4 Dead creators from Turtle Rock Studios have released a big update for the co-op shooter Back 4 Blood. The game has finally acquired an offline mode that players have been asking for since the release.


In addition to the single-player progression mode, Turtle Rock Studios added a new card type to the game. The so-called “burn” cards allow players to gain temporary effects like instant healing, currency boosts, increasing resistances, and more. 

The new patch also brings Holiday Seasonal Event: Holiday decorations added to Fort Hope and the Firing Range, fresh unlockable seasonal character skins, weapon skins, emblems, and sprays added. 

All the patch details can be found on the game page on Steam

Currently, Back 4 Blood has 65% positive reviews based on 22k reviews.

The main feature of Back 4 Blood is the card system. Before each battle, the AI ​​draws five cards from the deck, which will affect the battlefield and opponents. Then the players can play their five cards, which they have chosen in advance.

The game is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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