Aura Kingdom update

Major update: Aura Kingdom opens the doors to the Valleys of the Ice Hearts

Eight years after its release, Aura Kingdom continues to be updated: the MMORPG raises its level cap, opens the doors to new areas to explore and adds new dungeons.

Aura Kingdom has been playable in the West since the beginning of 2014 and the MMORPG continues to expand its content regularly with patches. The game is now the subject of a major update and opens access to the Valleys of the Hearts of Ice with its share of new content to explore and an increase in the maximum level of characters.

Valleys of the Ice Hearts
With the update, players can now reach level Slv25 (the equivalent of level 125 in the original MMORPG). To help players reach this new limit, progression between Slvl16 to Slvl20 has been accelerated and afterwards, players will be able to rely on a series of quests to continue progressing – the quests lead players to venture into a series of several single-player dungeons, which can be completed once a day.
Once players reach Slvl 25, they will also be able to unlock “class masteries” that allow them to specialize their character and further improve their abilities.

Of course, “progression” also means “high-level content” to challenge our characters, so the update promises both new areas to explore and new dungeons where we’ll get rewards to match our new abilities.

The update opens access to two new maps, the Flaky Plains and the Secret Valley of the Deep (accessible from Slvl 15), with their share of stories, discoveries and various activities (fishing, resource gathering, etc.), but also dangers.
There are also new dungeons (available in four difficulty modes: single player, difficult single player, group play and nightmare). The Deer Valley dungeon (from Slvl15 onwards) is home to wildlife that has become monstrous, and the Blue Valley Secret Kingdom dungeon (accessible from Slvl15 onwards) whose corrupted engeance allows you to obtain Slvl10 to Slvl20 equipment depending on the monsters and bosses you face.

For the record, Aura Kingdom is still distributed in free-to-play and can therefore be downloaded for free on the official website of the MMORPG.

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