ARC Raiders

The first teaser of the sci-fi shooter ARC Raiders

Embark Studios has published the first teaser of its new title – the sci-fi shooter ARC Raiders with a third-person view. It is rather difficult to understand what is going on in the video: a woman’s voice asks for volunteers and calls for resistance. In the sole understandable frame, the hero shoots a large ball.

Mind that Embark Studios was founded by the DICE veteran and a former Electronic Arts Executive Vice President Patrick Söderlund.

So far, almost no info is available related to ARC Raiders. Judging by materials, this will be a third-person shooter, and development is underway on the Unreal Engine.

Probably, there will be more information about the game in 2022 since the development of the title has been going on for at least three years. Moreover, further details are worth waiting for on December 9 at The Game Awards 2021.

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