A new MMORPG Project ER: a first trailer

In South Korea, the MMORPG giant Nexon has presented “Project ER”, a new online role-playing game for PC and mobile in which it should be possible to occupy or defend castles “around the clock, 24 hours a day”. They want to popularize siege fighting. A first trailer shows 4 classes and looks fantastic.

What kind of game is this?

Very little is known about “Project ER” – there is only one YouTube video from August 5th, 2021. During the week Nexon presented a number of titles, and the games went under in places. But Project ER seems to emerge as the most exciting game out of the flood of new games.

Project ER is set to become an MMORPG that employs more developers than any other game in Nexon’s history. Nexon is a huge Korean company believed to be worth about $ 9 billion. The studio had a huge success over many years, especially with the MMORPG Maple Story – but that crumbles for them after a scandal. It is said that Project ER (working title) will be released for PC and mobile platforms. There is no release date yet – it will be a while before the game appears.

You can see that in the first trailer: The only trailer for the game apparently shows 4 classes of the MMORPG in a medieval-western look. One can assume that the classes are “gender locked”:

  • a male archer
  • a male warrior with sword and shield
  • a female swordsman with a touch of magic
  • a female, relatively lightly clad figure without armor – could go in the direction of a magician

New MMORPG looks like “Dark Age of Camelot meets Mount & Blade”

This is the claim of the game: what little you know is that the game wants to make siege warfare popular. It is said that in other games, castle battles are reserved for the top players only. In Project ER, the fight for fortresses should be open to everyone. It will be a game in which everyone can occupy a base – that should be the end content.

It is said that it should be possible to occupy and defend castles 24 hours a day. There are huge battles in a single game world, with no limits. You can enjoy battles with collision systems and unique ground features.

It sounds like Project ER is heading in the direction of “Dark Age of Camelot” meets “Mount & Blade”.

The emphasis on the fact that siege combat is always possible is intended to distinguish Project ER from games in which siege combat is only possible at certain times as a special event. In any case, the first trailer looks fantastic. It will be interesting to see what will come next.

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