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New World Dev Update 2: dungeon mutations and fixes

After the expedition mutations coming soon, the February update will focus on the release of patches and adjustments. The developer is expected to focus on PvP next.


Just a month ago, the New World development team outlined some of the upcoming updates in the MMORPG in a first long video livestream. The formula was obviously rather well received by players and the developer is repeating it. In this second “Dev Update”, a little shorter than the previous one, the New World development team presents its plans for the coming weeks.

Coming soon in New World

New-World-Desyncing-and-Lagging-in-PvP-After-the-New-UpdateThere are few new things to remember: the winter event of New World (which was extended due to the popularity of players) will end on January 25 and as announced, the MMORPG will soon welcome its first “expedition mutations”, these variants of New World dungeons that can be explored in several levels of difficulty, which should offer new challenges to fans of high-level instances.

As we know, expedition mutations come with new options to improve one’s equipment (the expertise score goes from 600 to 625, thanks to dark shards, among other things) and the developer is taking advantage of the livestream to also announce the addition of six new spiritual shrines precisely near the expeditions and a decrease in the costs of fast transfers in Azoth. This will make it easier and cheaper to reach instances – we imagine this will make life easier for players who want to meet up before embarking on an expedition.

We also note that server mergers will continue. The studio also concedes that some of the mergers carried out in December were not relevant and as a result, new tokens will be distributed to players so that they can (re)migrate their characters to more favourable lands.

Fixes for the February update

In the longer term, the February update will not include any new content: according to the developer, it will be entirely dedicated to rolling out bug fixes, adjustments and rebalancing – some may consider these fixes necessary, others may see it as a result of the fact that Amazon Games is due to launch the Western version of Lost Ark on February 11 and that the studio may want to avoid having its two MMORPGs interfere with each other, at least initially.

In any case, this February update should correct a massive number of malfunctions, adjust a number of gameplay parameters (in crafting, for example) and bring “minor rebalancing” for weapons and solve desynchronization issues. All adjustments will be revealed on test servers before being deployed on live servers. The developer also confirms that the blunderbuss is still the next weapon to be integrated into the gameplay of New World – but obviously not in February.

The studio also reaffirms its desire to fight against bots (9000 bots have been banned). We also noted that at the beginning of the week, the creation of accounts was disabled for a few hours, the time to deploy a patch. Some players assume that this was to block the creation of fake accounts.

Patches for the February updateFinally, the livestream is also an opportunity to answer questions from players and outline the philosophy of future updates. For example, the development team intends to expand the open world content of its MMORPG and its dynamic gameplay. Internally, the studio is also working on Wars and Invasions, in particular to correct malfunctions and improve performance, but also to offer more accessible alternative versions so that more players can try them out. However, this is a goal that will take time. The studio also remains attentive to PvP missions.

We remember also that the developer wanted to offer small-scale PvP experiences and arenas (3v3 and 5v5). This is still on the table: the arenas should be revealed on the test servers in the coming months.

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