Gamers are being split up in New World because server transfers are chaotic

New tokens for a free server transfer were distributed yesterday in New World. But that’s exactly what leads to chaos. Because some companies wanted to switch to another server together, but that didn’t work. Now they are split between two servers.

Where are the problems? Amazon has given all players in New World a second free character transfer. This allows them to change servers independently, for example because they want to play with another company or their server has become too empty in the meantime. On some servers, entire companies have decided to switch together and gain a foothold on a new server. But that went wrong for two reasons:

  • For one thing, not all players got the item for a server change at the same time. The tokens will be distributed between February 17th and 22nd.
  • On the other hand, some servers were quickly marked as “full”, which is why it was no longer possible to switch to them.

Several companies are now complaining on reddit and in the forum that they have suddenly been dismembered.

9 servers are now full, queued again for primetime

Where was the biggest problem? In reddit, the user Qwali reports that he would like to switch to the Midgard server with his entire company. Even before the transfer, it was considered to be quite active, although not overcrowded. But apparently so many players wanted to switch to Midgard that only a part of his company made the jump while the rest had to stay on the old server.

He’s not alone in this. There are several threads on reddit and forums reporting that their company has been splintered. In addition to Midgard, eight other servers are currently completely full:

ship trap

It’s even been reported that there were queues with up to 500 players at prime time on some servers yesterday (via reddit). Since only about 2,000 players fit on a server, logging in can take some time.

Community blames Amazon, but also the players themselves

Who is to blame? There are different opinions. Some see the error on Amazon:

  • They could have given all players a server change token at the same time
  • You could always have fully tokenized one server and then the next. In this way, companies or entire communities would have made the switch together before it was the other server’s turn.
  • Some would also like more detailed overviews of the number of players per server in order to be able to make a better decision to switch.

However, some users also say that the companies themselves are to blame. You could have waited until all players in the company had a token and then switched in the same minute. The choice for a server change could have been made more carefully. Some players are now gathering on a Discord server to plan together which servers should still be filled and which will rather remain idle (via Discord).

In any case, the players are currently angry and Amazon has to come up with something. A free return transfer or another free transfer token for all players would be possible.

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