MMORPG Mad World in alpha 5.0 from February 23rd to 27th

After an alpha 4.0 in December, Mad World will reveal itself again in an alpha 5.0 from February 23rd to 27th. For the occasion, testers will discover new content in Acts 3 and 4.

Every two months or so, the MMORPG Mad World unveils itself in a new alpha-test session revealing the latest additions deployed by the South Korean studio Jandisoft. We remember that the alpha 4.0 was organized last December and the alpha 5.0 is now announced for next February.

Mad world alfa test 50On social networks, Jandisoft studio specifies the planning of its next phase of tests: the servers will open next Wednesday, February 23 at 9 am GMT (10 am, Paris time) and will remain accessible until Sunday, February 27 at the same time. Players who participated in the previous testing phases will have guaranteed access to this new alpha 5.0 and for the others, registration is open on the official website.

For the record, you will only need to log in on the official website when the servers open to access the game world since Mad World is HTML5 reality – the game is in 3D, but playable from a simple web page, without having to download a game client.

Jandisoft promises details about the content of the alpha 5.0 every Monday until the test servers are opened. However, the developer already states that testers will be able to discover new quests for Acts 3 and 4, dungeons and several new exclusive monsters. New skills and updates to the mastery system, as well as numerous rebalances and adjustments, will also take place.

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