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Presentation of Lost Ark’s high-level PvE content

While waiting for the western launch of the MMORPG on February 11th, Amazon Games continues its series of presentations of the different gameplay aspects of Lost Ark and focuses here on the high-level PvE content.

Chaos Dungeons pit players against cohorts of monsters to be eliminated in a limited time and allow them to start equipping themselves; Guardian Raids take the form of a monster hunt against a boss and yield attractive non-character items (allowing them to be given to other characters or sold); The Tower is then a single player challenge that consists of progressing from floor to floor to face waves of increasingly powerful monsters in limited time against increasing rewards (including skill point potions); and the Dungeons of the Abyss have a high level of difficulty. Each instance has its own set of rewards, including the ability to earn increasingly powerful equipment.

Lost Ark adds large-scale events such as the Gates of Chaos, which lead to zone bosses. The game also incorporates high-level mechanics related to navigation, allowing players to obtain an island and customize it for crafting, for example. The high level content is rich and varied, offering various activities to unlock, depending on the resources and rewards you may need.

Due to the fact that Lost Ark is a game which makes the main focus primarily on PVE content and to feel comfortable in the game, you need to choose the right class to lean on this.

Hawk will give you a comfortable game at the start – one of the fastest classes, high attack range and good damage. But in PvE, this class is the most unclaimed for patrol, as it has no party buffs. Ranger for PvE has a debuff in the form of cutting the protection of bosses – this is a minor plus, in comparison with the pluses for the party from other classes.

In pvp infaiter has excellent damage among his arhytypes because of the lack of mana and quick knockdowns – this allows this class to inflict damage endlessly. But in PvE, this feature – this is the main disadvantage of the class, as infinitely pour damage in the bosses will not work. In addition, there are a lot of reasons why he can’t use his class, such as the lack of defense and high damage in skulls (if used alone), making him weak on high-level bosses.

Arcana, the most difficult class in the game. Arcana plays from the combo system of filling stacks – this is the main minus of this class in pvE. Requires very skilled hands and a good knowledge of the mechanics of the bosses that, to correctly combo to cause significant damage.

This warrior has a big plus for PVE – it’s the Fury Buff that briefly increases the damage and speed. On the bosses long rolling and lack of speed kicks (without the buff), forcing this class most of the time just run.

DH is the second hardest class in the game. Playing for this class you need to press a lot of buttons, has three racks between which you need to switch in time. Can achieve very high damage at the expense of the build, but making one mistake, you can lose precious lives and become a burden to the group.

In PvE, blaster has good damage and party shield for the group, which makes it quite useful. But the slowness and love of standing still, makes playing for this class very difficult at high levels.

BM is the fastest class in the game – quick punches, quick rolls, quick moves. Mobility is a major plus for this class in PvE, also has a useful attack speed bump for the entire group. Of course for the speed you have to pay, among other classes like “fist”, Avtar has the lowest DPS.

The easiest class to control – has debuffs, good damage from skills and can call up 3 creatures for support. If you do not want to press a lot of buttons and focus on the movements and mechanics of the boss, then this class is for you. In PvE excellent survivability.

SM is one of the most complex and versatile classes. Although Soulmaster is a melee fighter, but because of the build, he can even make an RDD. He has an excellent attack buff, a lot of actual damage, and average mobility. In PvE, the main disadvantage of this class is a long cast skil.

Here comes the class that has the top 1 damage among all classes. The main DD in the group, so by choosing destoer as the main class you will be responsible for killing the boss. The main disadvantage of destor is his slowness, this is very important to choose the right moment when you need to inflict damage.

The most resistant class in the game, but it’s not a tank in PvE. His main task is to support the group if there is no bard. Warlord can put shields on the pack and knock down the casts of the bosses, taking away agr (for a short time) on himself. Not recommended to take in a pack where there is a bard, will be a strong drawdown on damage, as warlord and bard it does not give.

The most necessary class in the content of high level PvE. The best support class without which the passage of some bosses will be unrealistically difficult or even impossible. Bard is the only class that has an adequate and only healing skill. In addition to healing, bard enhances the damage of the group with buffs, and if necessary, saves companions with various shields. Very responsible class.

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