Lost Ark punishes you if you leave your guild

In Lost Ark, some players are currently complaining about a system related to the guilds. Some claim it is a relic of the past and needs to change ASAP.

What is the problem? If you leave a guild in Lost Ark, there is a penalty. This is basically a concept that you don’t see very often as a player. In Lost Ark it is even so strange that many players on reddit are now complaining about it. Because the penalty you get from the game scales up every time you leave a guild. While you will only be punished for 24 hours the first time you leave a guild, the second time it will be a full 4 days. The 3rd time your punishment even lasts for 15 days, so more than two weeks.

This is especially a problem when trying to leave an inactive guild, of which there are quite a few at the moment. But that’s not all – the penalty system also applies if you leave a guild involuntarily.

  • So you will be penalized if you leave the guild on your own
  • There is a penalty if you are kicked out of the guild
  • And you get a penalty even if the guild leader dissolves the guild and you suddenly find yourself without one

Leaving one guild makes you useless to another

What is the penalty? Lost Ark prevents you from actively participating in other guilds during the penalty period. This means that while it’s possible to join a new guild directly, they won’t see anything from you at first. Because you only achieve the status of a permanent guild member after this penalty period has expired. This means that you cannot donate to the guild or fulfill orders, nor do you have access to the guild shop. So, other than actual guild chat, you have no benefit from joining the group until the penalty time is up.

Can you avoid the penalty? It’s not entirely possible, but if you stay in one and the same guild for a long time, then at least the scaling of the penalty time resets. Specifically, this happens after you have maintained active guild member status in a guild for 30 days. So if you leave a guild for the first time and join a new one, you can’t do anything for 24 hours. If you then leave this guild again after 31 days, your penalty time has expired and you only have another 24 hour penalty after leaving.

However, if you have just left a guild twice and are now doing so for the third time and thus have a penalty of 15 days, this scaling only resets after 45 days in the same guild (15 days penalty + 30 days as an active member).

The players are annoyed: The topic recently boiled up on reddit when a player got upset about the system. Many others claimed they had never heard of it, which helped spark the discussion. After just 24 hours, the post had over 1,400 upvotes and 268 comments.

Especially considering that many guilds have become inactive at the moment, since some players were only there at the start of the MMORPG, fans cannot understand why the system is still there. A player writes: “The system is a relic of the time when the MMORPG was dying and doesn’t belong here anymore” and gets a lot of encouragement for it. The majority of the commenting fans feel unjustly punished and hope that the system will soon be revised and that you will no longer be punished for leaving a guild that is no longer of any use to you as a player.

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