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South Korean gamers pitch in to thank Lost Ark developers

South Korean players of Lost Ark have pledged to fund a billboard campaign in the Pangyo subway. They want to express their gratitude to the developers of the MMORPG.

Do online gamers only know how to grumble and complain about the game development teams’ choices? Obviously not in South Korea. Local Lost Ark players are apparently so happy with the MMORPG’s developments, and with the responsiveness of the SmileGate teams, that they have banded together to publicly express their gratitude.

Pangyo subway billboardAccording to Reddit and local press, players have obviously raised the equivalent of more than $20,000 and invested it in a billboard campaign at Exits 1 and 4 of Pangyo Station in South Korea – one of the centers of many development studios in Korea, including some of SmilteGate’s locations. The players designed advertising posters themselves, submitted them to the votes of more than 11,000 players to choose the most successful ones, which will be displayed for a month in the South Korean station (until February 27).

On these posters, one can read various messages: “thank you for making such a memorable game”, “thank you for making a game that can be shared by everyone”, “thanks to the efforts of the developers, we have created wonderful relationships and happy memories”, another one that states “Yes, we are still playing!” and signed by a player who says he is enthusiastic, or “we will always support you” from “friends and all RPG fans”…
In the wake of the campaign, the collective of players behind the campaign also intends to send a guestbook to the development team of the MMORPG: a book of letters from players and their comments praising Lost Ark. Big deal!

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