steam deck case closeup

Steam Deck 512 Gb will have a unique carrying case

Valve has recently presented Steam Deck developer kits and final packaging, where the case could be seen for the 64 and 256 Gb models. Now the company has published images with an exclusive case for the most expensive version of the laptop PC – 512 Gb.

In terms of functionality, all cases are identical, but the 512 Gb version has a few cosmetic differences:

  • Outer Steam logo in a different colour;
  • Different zipper pulls;
  • The different fabric inside the case;
  • Extra drawstring pouch for power cable;
  • Additional microfiber cloth.

Moreover, on the back of the case of any model, there is a storage pocket closed with a pulling elastic band. It can be used, for example, to carry accessories.

Carrying cases are made to last as long as the Steam Deck itself, Valve says.



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