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In 2022 Apple will release a mixed reality headset for games and media

According to Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman, by the end of 2022, Apple will release the first mixed reality headset for sale. Mark claims that the headset can work in both virtual and augmented reality mode.

The corporation will allegedly focus on three areas: games, media content consumption and communication. Games, writes Gurman, will be “in the spotlight.”


Gaming should be a strong focus of the machine, especially given that it will have multiple processors, a fan, extremely high-resolution displays and its own App Store. Look for Apple to position the device as a dream for game developers. Next, media consumption. I expect Apple to work with media partners to create content that can be watched in VR on the device. Third, communications. Look for Animojis and a VR FaceTime-like experience to be the new-age Zoom.

Mark Gurman


Moreover, media content for the headset, Gurman believes, will be created by Apple in collaboration with partners, yet further details of such content are not provided.

As the journalist claims, the new gadget will be expensive. Sources of The Information estimated its cost at $3,000, and the Bloomberg material does not provide a numerical estimate of the cost.

It is expected that Apple will release a more budget device in the future.


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