AMD Rembrandt

No more gaming videocards? AMD presents new integrated graphics

The first info on the performance of future AMD hybrid processors appeared on the network. Even more, we are talking about the graphics power in one of the processors of the Rembrandt series.

AMD Specs

The mentioned series will receive a Zen 3+ core architecture and Navi 2 graphics. Presumably, such processors will be released as part of the Ryzen 6000U and Ryzen 6000H series. As for the GPU performance, the new product is gaining about 2700 points in 3DMark Time Spy. For comparison, the mobile Ryzen 7 5800U scores 1200-1300 points, while the desktop Ryzen 7 5700G scores about 1700 points.

Furthermore, AMD’s integrated graphics outperform the discrete GTX 1050 Ti. This will allow you to run even modern games on systems without a dedicated graphics card.

Of course, these are early leaks so far, and the tests were carried out in a benchmark and not in a game application. But the performance level is still impressive.

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