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What can we expect for Halo Infinite in 2022?

Between the content that is still missing and the content that is necessary for its durability, the year 2022 is shaping up to be an eventful one for Halo Infinite. What can we expect?

haloOfficially available since December 08, 2021, Halo Infinite presents a new economic model for the franchise. The “game service” model. Indeed, if it is necessary to pay 60€ to enjoy the campaign, the multiplayer of the title is distributed in free-to-play. This business model implies two major changes: a multiplayer cosmetics store and the need to retain players in order to keep it running. If the presence of a Battle Pass can bring an incentive to stay on the game, the lack of content could be the reason for this business model. Obviously, according to Steamcharts, 58,000 players on Steam (for 41,000 viewers on Twitch) were still taking part in the battle on Halo Zeta this January 06, 2021. A figure largely down compared to the early days (over 200,000 daily players), but which tends to stabilize. Without the availability of console figures, these figures appear nevertheless as an indicator: the effect of the novelty having worn off, content will be needed to keep the current player base active.

Halo Infinite – Captured on Xbox Series X
To do so, Halo Infinite features a dynamic system of rotating playlists (some of which are yet to be discovered if we refer to the still blocked multiplayer achievements), the classic Battle Pass which is said to last for around 3 months, as well as challenges to obtain more succinct edibles. In addition, we can expect new official maps to be added to the 7 arena maps (4v4) and the 3 BTB maps (12v12). To enrich the experience, players are also looking forward to the arrival of the Forge mode. Through this map and mode editor, players compete to recreate iconic maps of the franchise and incredible maps (which are sometimes integrated into official playlists), real or pictured reproductions but also totally different multiplayer content. One thinks in particular of the puzzle maps or RP maps. In short, this absence is a pity but temporary: the Forge mode is expected for the third season of the title, about 6 months.

halo2The multiplayer is not the only one waiting for content. Although distributed in a more classic economic model, the campaign still has some shortcomings and not the least. The cooperation that has been present in every title of the franchise since Halo CE is missing in this Halo Infinite. A temporary absence, as 343 Industries has announced its arrival for the second season of the title. That’s three long months of waiting. Also, faced with the grumbling of players who regretted not being able to restart the campaign missions without having to redo the campaign from the beginning, the developers have committed to working on such a feature without giving a time frame before it is integrated.

In short, between the content that is still missing and the content that is necessary for the game to last, we can bet that the year 2022 will be an eventful one for Halo Infinite.

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