Steam Deck's Box Art

The Valve Steam Deck’s box art looks subtle

Steam Deck is not the first attempt by the game studio and publisher Valve to create their own devices for gamers. Previously, the company presented to the public Steam Controller, which name speaks for itself, and a gadget for playing in virtual reality Index VR.

Valve revealed the box’s design of Steam Deck in its blog, and it is highly unusual. Valve has recently completed design testing (DV – Design Validation) of its upcoming gaming console Steam Deck prototype. The company plans to use DV samples to continue further testing and send it out as developer kits. A DV-sample is the final prototype before launching into mass production. This is an improved version of the EV2 sample designed for initial testing by engineers. There will also be minor changes in the final version of the product.

One of the main differences between the DV samples and the previous EV2 versions is that Valve is also testing the packaging at this stage. So before they start sending out prototypes to developers, they would like to give users a peek into the box that will be opened in February.

steam deck box closed

Brilliance in simplicity

The appearance of Stem Deck’s package is quite simple: just a minimalistic cardboard box with absolutely nothing on it. This solution looks quite unusual: in the current era of active advertising and aggressive marketing, super minimalistic packaging is more likely to attract the attention of customers. On the other hand, the box’s appearance may disappoint fans of unpacking newly purchased goods and bloggers who depict this process in their work. Anyway, Valve has done an unusual experiment with its new device.

steam deck box opened

Box Contents: Steam Deck and power supply unit

Valve’s new console package is relatively sparse: Steam Deck itself and power supply unit. Note that users will receive power supplies corresponding to their regions of residence.

One of the exciting design solutions is the inside of the lid, which is wholly covered with phrases in different languages, on which you can find a couple of words in Russian. “In the country”, “In the toilet” and “In the subway”.

Steam Deck will be delivered to the market in the same form. Earlier, Valve postponed the release of Steam Deck to February 2022. Reportedly, the company has problems with components. The console itself is expected to have no exclusive titles.

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