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ADATA unveils concept 1TB SSD XPG Vault gaming mouse

ADATA made a statement on the official website, in which it confirmed its participation at CES 2022. From the blog, it became known that the company representatives will bring a lot of new products to the exhibition, but the most curious was the XPG Vault gaming mouse concept.

First of all, the new prototype attracts attention with its main feature – it has a built-in 1 Tb SSD. If that is not already enough, the mounted solid-state drive has memory bandwidth at an impressive speed of up to 985 Mb/s. Note that, the XPG Vault gaming mouse prototype has one USB-C port, which serves both to connect it to a computer and to access files.

XPG Vaults

ADATA also claimed it is working on its own game launcher/file manager, making it easier to store and manage files on mouse drives.

The XGP Vault does not have a release date or price yet, since this is only a concept, but at CES 2022, everyone will be able to try the mouse in action. The exhibition will take place in Las Vegas from January 5 to 8.

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