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Wolcen Studio now in the fold of Gaijin Entertainment

Wolcen’s latest updates are still pending and players are wondering. Meanwhile, the independent developer Wolcen Studio has just completed a capital increase and a change of presidency.

In 2015, Nice-based developer Wolcen Studio raised more than $400,000 on Kickstarter to fund the development of its hack n slash Wolcen. The game will finally be released in early 2020 after long phases of testing, enjoying a critical reception then rather favorable and is since then punctually the subject of updates. However, the latest content additions have been delayed (the latest patch was expected in September or October, was postponed several times and finally released last week) and on social networks, players are wondering about the future of the studio.

But it turns out that in June last year, Wolcen Studio proceeded to an increase of its share capital. A common operation for many companies, which usually results in the integration of one or more new partners within the company. At the same time as this capital increase, the management of Wolcen Studio has obviously been reshuffled: Daniel Dolui, the historical president of Wolcen Studio, has given up his place to the Hungarian company Gaijin Games represented by Anton Yudintsev (who is known for being the head of the Russian group Gaijin Entertainment). Daniel Dolui continues his activities at Wolcen Studio, but now as general manager.

In other words, Wolcen Studio obviously now has a new partner (Gaijin Games) who assumes the presidency of the studio, while Daniel Dolui assumes the daily management.

Gaijin entertainment gamesThe studio does not specify what motivates this operation. Nevertheless, the integration of a new partner is usually accompanied by a contribution to the company, either financial or in kind (here, perhaps publishing or distribution services for Wolcen by the Gaijin group). One imagines that Wolcen Studio has therefore deemed it opportune or necessary to integrate Gaijin as a new partner with its contribution, and this new partner guarantees its investment via the presidency of the Nice-based studio.

At this stage, it is still unknown what the consequences could be for the future of the studio, its game and its operation: a financial contribution could be a sign of a lack of liquidity at Wolcen Studio or the will to develop the studio’s activities, or that the game could benefit from significant content additions in the medium term, unless the integration of Gaijin in Wolcen’s edition marks an evolution of its business model.

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