Witchfire: This week we will finally get information about the release date

After a long silence, there is finally news about Witchfire: This week the developers want to present a lot of new impressions and material from the promising shooter. In addition, there will finally be information about a release date. Will Witchfire appear later this year?

There’s really no shame if you haven’t had Witchfire on your radar lately. The dark first-person shooter was finally announced in 2017, and the first trailer received a lot of praise at the time. Apart from a few blog entries and a few video snippets, it became rather quiet after that about the new game from The Astronauts (The Vanishing of Ethan Carter). Now the developers are finally back and want to publish a lot of new information about the game this week. They also want to talk about the release for the first time, although one should not necessarily expect a specific date here – it is quite possible that we will initially only get a release period. But even that would be better than nothing. In any case, the development of Witchfire seems to be progressing well.

The Astronauts is a team of nine made up of former People Can Fly developers. Her earlier projects include rough shooters like Painkiller or Bulletstorm. Nevertheless, The Astronauts went in a completely different direction with its first game: With the atmospheric mystery adventure The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, the team struck calm tones and staged a nice walking simulator, which, among other things, was able to dust off a BAFTA award and also did very well sold properly.

The Astronauts consists of only two designers, four graphic artists and three programmers, which is extremely small for a project like Witchfire. That’s why the developers rely heavily on outsourcing, which means that large parts of the game – such as animations and music – are created by external professionals who work for the team.

Witchfire relies on a dark fantasy setting and intense first-person action with firearms. Loot should also play a role to a certain extent, but the developers emphasize that Witchfire should not become a “loot shooter” like Destiny or Borderlands.

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