WARNO: World War 3 RTS from Wargame series developers

Eugen Systems continues to release real-time strategies in a realistic war setting. This time, the team announced its latest title to date, WARNO, the spiritual successor to the Wargame series, which has been described as “the ultimate next-generation World War III battle simulator.”


WARNO is set in alternative 1989. Two years ago, a group of radical communists staged a coup and overthrew Gorbachev’s power. During the summer, as the cold war turns into a hot one: the armies of NATO and the Warsaw Pact have deployed troops in the middle of a divided Germany. The conflict is inevitable – the militaries are just waiting for the unavoidable Warning Order to begin World War III.

In WARNO, the forces of six countries clash: the United States, West Germany, Great Britain and France, fighting against the Soviet Union and East Germany. The developers plan to introduce more than 600 military units and vehicles, including the M1A1 Abrams tank, the Mi-24 helicopter and the Su-25 attack aircraft, as well as special forces, air defence systems, interceptors and many other types of combat units.

The Cold War was a decades-long conflict that never became hot. Military enthusiasts have long pondered just how a “what if” war would have looked like. We believe that with WARNO, we can show how a conventional World War III would have played out. WARNO is grounded in reality and based on fact, from technology to tactics. And thanks to Early Access, we can give our community, veteran and new players alike, a running start to play our new game!

Eugene Systems

Main WARNO features:

  • Several types of battles, including 10v10 battles, as well as single matches, co-op and multiplayer;
  • Four large turn-based Army General strategic campaigns;
  • Staged operations where you can stretch your tactical mind;
  • Extensive gameplay tools – you can exploit the tactical advantage on the ground, set up smoke screens, destroy fortifications, complete tasks outside the map, and so on;
  • Many improvements over previous Eugen games, including placement of troops before battle, combat rules and smart AI orders.

WARNO will launch in Steam Early Access on January 20. The developers suggest that early access will last from six to eight months. The release should take place in the second half of 2022.

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