vendir plague of lies

Old-school grim RPG Vendir: Plague of Lies will be released in 2022

Early Morning studio has announced Vendir: Plague Of Lies, an old-school party RPG set in the dark fantasy world of Vendir. The title will be released on PC, consoles and mobile devices in 2022.

The game’s main characters will be brothers and sisters who have received a letter with a cry of help from their mother. After that, they need to travel from one end of the fictional kingdom to another. However, the situation becomes even more complicated because King Elrik has forbidden to let anyone out from the Capital City of Galdos.

Thus, a group of siblings must violate the royal mandate in a world where people are tortured to death for stealing food, and the royal family makes a profit from child slavery.

The game developers from Early Morning studio promise a deep and dark storyline, challenging turn-based combat, moral choices in dialogues and an advanced crafting system. 

On the other hand, judging by the videos and screenshots, modern graphics are not what this game is about. The release date is scheduled for 2022.

Vendir: Plague of Lies main features:

  • Epic turn-based battles.
  • Intriguing collectables with heavy story implications.
  • A complex skill tree with hundreds of skills to learn.
  • A deep and nuanced battle system that’s easy to learn but hard to master.
  • Intricate crafting mechanics.
  • Lore heavy conversations in which you make decisions that have long-lasting implications.
  • A rich narrative that splinters based on your choices.
  • A dynamic and immersive world brimming with the “old school vibes” of CRPG classics.

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