V Rising: New survival game gameplay trailer

With V Rising, a new survival game for PC on Steam. The special thing about it: you play a vampire with your own castle. A new gameplay video shows how you fight as a vampire in the game.

What kind of game is this? In V Rising you play a vampire who has been robbed of his power. You are slowly trying to regain your old strength. To do this, you suck the blood out of people and animals and build your own castle. At its core, V Rising is a survival game with reversed roles, because you yourself are “the danger” from which players normally flee. It’s just that you fight for survival yourself, which is more difficult during the day because sunlight burns you.

The studio behind V Rising is Stunlock Studios, who have already created Bloodline Champions and Battlerite. The action influences of the games are also reflected in the new project, which is very reminiscent of ARPGs like Diablo in terms of gameplay. A new trailer shows you a new gameplay: In a new video, the developers show how you fight as a vampire in V Rising. There are various approaches available to you:

  • Fight at a distance with ranged weapons such as crossbows
  • Close combat with swords, spears, glaives and scythes
  • Magic that allows you to melt into shadows and attack enemies from behind
  • mounted battle

In the action bar you can see various skills that you can use. In addition to “normal” opponents such as humans and wild animals, you will also compete against other players and even bosses who were already seen in the first gameplay.

Vampire fights with sorcery and sword

What else is in V Rising? The unique selling points of V Rising are above all the vampire-gothic setting and the action-packed gameplay. However, there are even more features in the new game:

  • you build your own castle that serves as a personal player base. 50 locks should be possible per server
  • Full-Loot – If you die, your loot is lost and you have to go and pick it up first
  • a day-night cycle that determines when and where to hunt. At night you are stronger as a vampire, which is
  • very different from other survival games
  • PvP and clans should also play a big role

However, one of the most important features in the game is blood. You get that from humans and, in an emergency, from animals. The blood of special enemies such as scholars reinforces certain abilities of your vampire. Anyone interested in survival games, vampires or action RPGs should keep an eye on V Rising.

When and where can I play V Rising? V Rising is slated for PC on Steam, with the closed beta slated to start in early 2022.

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