Ubisoft Quartz reveal

Ubisoft introduced its own NFT Quartz

Ubisoft announced the launch of the Quartz service, thanks to which it will be possible to purchase cosmetic items in the NFT format (non-fungible tokens) in the projects of the French publisher. It is worth noting that players will be able to use items and independently trade them. The transaction fee will not be charged.

The company clarified that the so-called Digits would not provide any advantage and in any other way affect the gameplay. The first items will be introduced into the open-world action Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint¬†and then released in limited batches. Each token will be numbered so that other players can see it.

Quartz stores on the Tezos blockchain platform. According to the company, the platform is energy efficient and consumes much less energy than analogues based on Proof-of-Work (Bitcoin and Ethereum).

Ubisoft Quartz


The beta version of Quartz is available for residents of the USA, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Australia and Brazil.

However, users trashed the video with the announcement of the Quartz NFT marketplace from Ubisoft. The video has a little more than 800 likes and more than 15k dislikes (they can still be viewed using special plugins).

At the moment, Ubisoft Quartz is technically a beta version, so its outreach is comparatively restricted.

Digits exist in owners’ third-party crypto wallets, and they are represented in the PC version of Ghost Recon Breakpoint – the single currently supported game – after they have been synchronized with the player’s inventory.

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