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The Settlers: Ubisoft has revealed series comeback

It is excellent news for anyone waiting for info on the nearly three decades old The Settlers strategy series: Ubisoft announced that it will release more information on the game in January 2022.


The Settlers will come soon

Ubisoft first announced that it will revisit the now legendary city-building formula back in 2018. Fans had anticipated the game’s release in the last decade, but the publisher ultimately delayed the release until 2020.

However, in 2020, the release of the new Settlers did not happen: Ubisoft revealed a second postponement with the onset of summer.

It is possible that such hitchings were associated with the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and the company’s internal problems, which was at the centre of a sex scandal.

However, the publisher has now announced that the game is back via an official Twitter account.

Ubisoft’s tweet accompanied an offer to register on The Settlers website, presumably to allow interested players to participate in a future beta test.

Controversy around Ubisoft

Earlier this year, Ubisoft has admitted that handling misconduct complaints have led to mistrust among employees. Speaking with Axios, Chief Human Resources Officer Anika Grant agreed that her initial reaction to the ongoing scandal was flawed and that people have lost trust in Ubisoft.

The company recently found itself at the centre of workplace discrimination and harassment scandals.

In addition, last week, the company faced fierce criticism from players around the world after announcing the addition of NFT as cosmetic items in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. Despite the disabled dislikes on the YouTube platform, one could clearly see that the video dedicated to the announcement received a lot of criticism.

After that, Ubisoft seemed to have changed its mind and decided to reduce the tension, revealing a new game in the Splinter Cell universe, which is at an early stage of development. Of course, the players have long been waiting for the return of the legendary Sam Fisher, but the spy only appeared as a non-playable character in the latest titles from Ubisoft.

And now, to finally return the players recognition, the publisher has decided to announce the return of the once most popular series of city-planning simulators.

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