Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Gameplay video shows off enemies, fantasy, magic

With Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, a new fantasy branch of the Borderlands series is fast approaching. A new video now gives a little glimpse of the gameplay we can expect.

What kind of game is this? Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands throws you into the heart of a true tabletop RPG in video game form, directed by the eponymous Tina. Basically like the legendary Borderlands 2 DLC with a similar premise, which you can actually catch up on as a PS Plus game – just as a full, standalone game. Wonderlands will be released on March 25th, 2022 and more and more information about the game is emerging. After we were able to get to know a few classes, the gaming portal “IGN” has now published a first insight into the gameplay. There Seth Macy reports on his first impressions from a test version of the game – and at the same time shows what players can expect from the Wonderlands.

Wonderlands pours melee, heavy guns, and fantasy into the same pot

What to see The fantasy twist that the game has over Borderlands is unmistakable in the video. Instead of barren desert planets or funky space cities, we see an idyllic castle that is soon overrun by a skeleton army, or a lagoon full of pirate ships. The well-known, somewhat daft Borderlands humor is also part of it. For example, the player comes across a drawbridge that somehow needs to be lowered. Instead of relying on climbing maneuvers or attacks, the player tries to use loving whispering to convince the door to open – successfully. Villages and leaning towers are part of the worldview, just like catapults or nasty monsters that scurry across the screen instead of the usual psychos, just waiting to be dealt with.

And to do that, players can use a variety of attack types. The main tools of destruction remain the wacky weapons that we also know from Borderlands, only with a fantasy twist. But there are also melee maneuvers and weapons that can provide important bonuses for your builds, as well as real magic.

The latter largely replaces the grenades from the games and comes in all sorts of shapes and colors. For example, the video features a magical raven, a cracking bolt of lightning, and comets falling from portals. While the spells are still looking for their victims, you can continue attacking with melee and firearms at the same time. Chaotic, but apparently also very varied.

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