The Troop

The Troop: World War II turn-based strategy goes to Early Access

The Troop is a World War II turn-based strategy game in which the player actually controls troops at the platoon level. The game covers events starting from the first hours of D-Day and will allow you to play for the British and Canadian armed forces in the battles against the Wehrmacht for the liberation of Europe.

Giant Flame is a young studio in charge of developing a new strategy. The Troop offers simple and intuitive controls in the best traditions of tabletop wargames, a customizable difficulty level, and, according to the developers, an honest AI that plays by the same rules as the player.

The developers emphasize that The Troop is a game, not a simulation. This project was born out of a long-standing passion for WWII history and turn-based games, and the goal of Giant Flame is to give players a glimpse of history in an exciting challenge. The game takes place against the backdrop of actual events, but the scenarios for specific missions are fictional.

The Troop does not have one difficulty setting. Instead, players can control a variety of feature and information settings to tailor their gameplay experience for the most enjoyable challenge.

A free demo version of the strategy is available on Steam. The Troop has positive reviews and costs $40.

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