The Game Awards 2021

The Game Awards 2021 meets the Metaverse

The Game Awards 2021 will be available for viewing in Virtual Reality – Geoff Keighley holds big plans for a promising entertaining format.

While last year turned the world into a global pandemic and widespread lockdown for humanity as a whole, it also affected the gaming industry. Perhaps one of the most important events of gaming culture, last year’s The Game Awards ceremony, has completely moved to online.
For the organizers and the permanent host of the ceremony, Geoff Keighley, such a challenge was a real test. However, this year the main event in the world of games is waiting for new changes.

This year, The Game Awards is pushing the boundaries even further, to a virtual space where you can watch the show together with friends and other people from all over the world. Producer and event host Geoff Keighley is convinced that such entertainment has a bright future, including the potential growth of metaverses.

The virtual version of The Game Awards will be held on the Core game creation platform through the Axial Tilt experience. It looks like a floating city that actually ’tilts’ between different worlds and regularly changes themes, mechanics, and mini-games.

On December 9 at 7 pm ET/4 pm PT, Axial Tilt will dock at The Game Awards. Photo spots, a DJ show, an opportunity to guess the winners in the awards ceremony, and exclusive in-game items are waiting for users to explore. Of course, you can also watch The Game Awards via this experience.

The Core platform is currently available only on the Epic Games Store.

Axial Tilt The Game Awards 1 Axial Tilt The Game Awards 2 Axial Tilt The Game Awards 3

The first images of The Game Awards in Axial Tilt

Besides, Axial Tilt was also tested in Fortnite Creative, but The Game Awards is allowed to watch only through Core. In fact, there is no way to embed a live stream in Fortnite right now — only to show a pre-recorded video. On the contrary, Core already has the necessary technologies, although The Game Awards will be the first event where a live broadcast will be staged in front of a large audience.

Keighley says that this is only the first version of the virtual space for The Game Awards. The producer named several directions where the format as a whole would hypothetically go:

  • The show can be embedded in other communities, including directly in games.
  • Developers, publishers and other personalities of influence in the industry will be able to walk the virtual red carpet or talk to a limited audience after the show.
  • Perhaps similar virtual events will occur throughout the year, not just at The Game Awards.
  • Close integration with game engines will allow creating absolutely incredible things. For example, you walk down a virtual corridor during a show and get into a demo version of a game that has just been announced.

According to Keighley, the virtual version of The Game Awards is similar to the metaverse, as it combines a social network with a gaming environment. However, this is only an early version and the first step, so there is still a lot of work ahead, says Keighley.

I want to build programming within these game worlds using game technology to gather the community and make something more interactive.

Geoff Keighley

Keighley admits that what they have created this year is not by definition a metaverse, but says he views the game itself as something similar to a metaverse, as it brings people together around a unique experience through a live event, social medium, live streams, and now that experience called Axial Tilt.

Let’s see how it really turns out. At the same time, the Round 3 of Players’ Voice is underway on The Game Awards website. There are only five contenders left in the final; they are Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite, It Takes Two, Metroid Dread and Resident Evil Village. The winners will be announced on December 8.

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