Take-Two versus It Takes Two

Take-Two is now a nightmare for game studios

The Grand Theft Auto and NBA2K game series publisher’s lawyers managed to file claims against many companies, got to the modders, and are now tormenting their colleagues.

Because of their case, the successful It Takes Two developers may lose the trademark for the game. That’s all because its name is too similar to Take-Two.

Hazelight Studio, the critically acclaimed co-op adventure It Takes Two developer,  hopes to resolve the situation peacefully. But the notice of rejection of the brand has already been filed. It is unclear whether the game will be renamed now.

However, Hazlight did not discuss that it was forced to give up the trademark of its game because of Take-Two.  Soon following the publisher lawsuit was filed, the notice of abandonment was sent to the US Patent Office. The team also has yet to comment on how this has affected Hazelight’s current ability to sell It Takes Two, any plans to rename the game, or ideas for any potential sequel.

It Takes Two is one of the latest victims in a long list of trademark and copyright claims by Take-Two and just one of the dozens of actions issued this year against a wide range of businesses and products.

The records of the US Patent Office show that Take-Two is behind the filing of applications to challenge numerous names associated with the words “rockstar”, “social club”, “mafia”, “civilization”, and much more.


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