Succubus: vulgar action got Demons of the Past DLC

Madmind Studio has released a paid add-on for its erotic Succubus action game called Demons of the Past. The add-on costs $4.99, but until December 30, you can buy it at a discount of $4.49.

The plot of the DLC is dedicated to the past of Vydija and tells about the times of her most important battle in the arena, during which, together with her friend Kethar, she won not only fame but also the attention of the Red Goddess.

In the expansion, players will be able to play as a new heroine – the queen of the Amazons, Agretha. In addition, you will receive a new legendary armor, a legendary sword, five new abilities, an ally, a new boss fight, and an orgy scene between Vydia, Agretha, and Kethar.

In particular, players will receive Vydija’s legendary armor, in which she gained glory in the battle arena. The armor comes with three new special powers, including a fiery tornado! Moreover, the DLC introduces Vydija’s legendary sword that comes with new execution animations. 

Those who buy the Succubus add-on will also get new main hub customization features and will be able to fight other players in the arena with online leaderboards.

Succubus came out on PC on October 5th and has received very positive feedback from the community. At the moment, the game can be bought for $19.24.

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