Steam Labs Experiment 13

Steam Labs Experiment 13: new ways to find great games

Valve has launched a Steam Labs Experiment section to develop new tools and ways to find games of interest to users among the thousands of titles released annually on the service.


Over the past 12 months, the developers have not made any significant changes to Labs, but a new experiment is now available, adding so-called “hubs” with new paths to explore all Steam niches.

New ways to browse every niche of Steam


Rich Recommendations Carousel

Steam Labs carousel

In fact, the new hubs have become a kind of replacement for the genre and tag pages. By joining the experiment, all such pages will now have a carousel of recommendations, displayed based on the games in the library and what friends are playing or recommended by curators. There is also more meta-information about the game and the shortest video possible.


Recent & Upcoming Events

Steam Labs events

The updated store pages also include new and upcoming events. Within each hub, players would be able to find a section featuring in-game events, recent updates, and news posts from the developers of games they play, those they added to their wish list or those that are recommended for them.

There are also more advanced sorting tools right there to further narrow down your search criteria.

To join this experiment, just visit the Steam Labs page¬†and click on “Join The Store Hubs Experiment” for Experiment 13. It will redirect you to one of the updated hubs so you can start exploring right away.

Become a part of a new Stem Labs Experiment 13 and use these innovations. Someday in the future, this experiment will become part of Steam.

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