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Star Wars: Eclipse was announced too early and won’t be out until 2026

One of the major announcements of the past The Game Awards 2021 was the new project of Quantic Dream studio. Creators of Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain, and Fahrenheit have unveiled an ambitious Star Wars-inspired game, Star Wars: Eclipse.

According to well-known insider Tom Henderson, the announcement of this game sounded too early. The release will have to wait at least another four years.

Henderson reiterates that the studio ran into problems early in the game’s production. The source of the substantial delay lies in the internal game engine used by Quantic Dream studio, which cannot cope with complex scenes and working out large sets. According to the developers themselves, the game will be released only in five years and if there are no additional difficulties. On the other hand, it will allow developers to implement a new level of graphics.

An insider is confident that Star Wars: Eclipse will reach PC and consoles no earlier than 2026-2027. By and large, the game’s development has not yet begun, and the developers may even go in search of an alternative engine.

We remind you that Quantic Dream has officially unveiled the CGI trailer for its Star Wars game, Star Wars Eclipse, during this year’s The Game Awards ceremony.

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