Star Citizen: Space Adventure is still miles away from release

Star Citizen is a real mammoth in terms of both crowdfunding income and development timeline, and it looks like the space MMORPG will have a few more years under its belt before it’s finally officially finished. A recent report provides new insights.

With more than 420 million US dollars in crowdfunding income, Star Citizen is probably a record-breaking video game: even though the space MMORPG is not even finished yet! If things continue like this, the responsible studio Cloud Imperium Games should earn a lot more money during the development, because the release of the title is still a long way off.

Still years until the release of Star Citizen

This was again confirmed by an article in the video game magazine MCV/Develop. In its last issue, it recently published a comprehensive report on Star Citizen, Squadron 42 and the Cloud Imperium Games studio behind it. Important people from the studio such as COO Carl Jones also had their say and shared some information and thoughts.

At least the report delivers positive news: Chris Roberts, CEO of CIGames, has now also moved to Manchester, where the studio is currently building a new location. As Jones reveals, Robert’s move could speed up development. Nevertheless, the project should still take time:

“Yeah, it could be another year or two. Roberts is spending more time over here with the Squadron 42 team and our other developers, but this year he’ll be with us for even longer periods of time. Hopefully that means that we can finish Squadron 42 faster. We want to finish the game, but it won’t be finished until it’s actually finished.”

Squadron 42 is the standalone single player that belongs to Star Citizen, but is supposed to appear before the actual MMORPG. If Squadron 42 is still a year or two away (and that’s more likely to be four or five years given Star Citizen‘s development history so far), then fans will likely have to wait quite a while before Star Citizen is finally officially released.

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