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Sniper Elite 5: welcome to France

Rebellion Studio has announced the fifth iteration of the military shooter Sniper Elite. This time the protagonist, Karl Fairburne, will travel to France: the sniper must deal with the so-called ‘Operation Kraken’ Nazi project.

It is curious how the game series changes its geography: in the first two parts of the series, the action scene was Berlin, the third part was devoted to the adventures of an American sniper in Africa, and the last released game was set in Italy.

The basic mechanics remain unchanged. Acting discreetly, players will effectively eliminate Nazi soldiers, abandoning sniper duels for heavy weapon firefights if desired.

The developers promise an extensive customization system for rifles and other weapons and an improved physics model. When aiming, you will have to consider the options for the stock and barrel of the gun, keeping in mind the force of gravity, wind and pulse of the shooter.

This time, Karl is leading a US Ranger squad intending to weaken the German defences in Brittany. While there, he links up with the French resistance movement and learns of a secret Nazi project called ‘Operation Kraken’. It’s up to Karl and his new company to put an end to Kraken before it can stir the Allies’ plans to invade France.

The maps in Sniper Elite 5 are based on real-world locations in France, and they’re the biggest in the series so far. Sites feature multiple infiltration and exfil points, giving players more creative freedom to plan their assassination missions each time. With improved co-op implementation, you can opt to bring a friend along and share items, give commands to each other, and even patch each other up after scrapes with enemy forces.

Sniper Elite 5 new features

If everything above sounds like something you have already heard, wait, the new stuff comes.

Sniper Elite has a couple of tricks up the sleeve this time: workbenches not only let you customize your weapons and trap loadouts, but you can also pick specific ammo types to suit your target. There’s also a new invasion mechanic, similar to the one in Deathloop, that allows you to invade another player’s game as an Axis sniper – but if this happens to you, you can call for help to tilt the odds in your favour.

The hallmark of the Sniper Elite series, the kill-cam, makes a return and now works even with different weapons. Rebellion says it’s gorier than ever this time around, “showing you the true destructive power of each shot.”

Sniper Elite 5 will release in 2022 and will be available via Steam and the Epic Games Store and on Game Pass and the Windows Store.

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