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Ready or Not: comments on parting with publisher Team 17

The news of Void Interactive’s separation from Team 17, which was supposed to publish the tactical first-person shooter Ready or Not, gave rise to a lot of speculation.

Previously, we mentioned the cut of ties between the game development studio and the well-known publisher. The closest to the truth was the assumption that the Team 17 publisher was simply afraid of the wrath of the social justice warriors over the episode with the shooting at the school. In general, this is precisely how it turned out.

The new message says that the studio will stand firm since modern society has long been accustomed to the possibility of terrorist attacks. Therefore, Ready or Not will be a great way not only once again to remind you of the horror of such events but also to pay tribute to the special forces groups.

Additionally, it is noted that Void Interactive respects the opinion of the public and partners but will act as it sees fit. The appeal also hints that some studio staff should be careful when discussing the game online.

Note that one of the developers on Reddit spoke about the presence of a scandalous level in Ready or Not. The post has already been deleted.

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