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Ready or Not is going to Early Access by the end of 2021

We have good news for those who miss the serious tactical first-person shooters about the police Special Weapons and Tactic Team (SWAT) units.

Do you longingly remember the Rainbow Six series before the release of Siege? Or maybe you are so old that you remember the times when SWAT was on top? In any case, the developers from the VOID Interactive team have announced that their game Ready or Not will be released in Early Access on Steam before the end of this year.

A long time ago, back in May 2017, Ready or Not was announced as a game that will bring back the classic Rainbow Six and SWAT era. This year, VOID Interactive confirmed that their game would be published by Team 17.

During the four years since the initial announcement, many things have happened to the game. Developers shared their diaries, not as often as we would like, but still. They added new content to the game, released updates and sometimes removed things that still needed additional work. The game even went off the radar for a while.

However, VOID Interactive has finally confirmed that Ready or Not is coming to Early Access this month, maybe slightly earlier than the team wanted. Although an early “supporter edition” of the game has already been available for a $120 purchase, VOID seemingly failed to convince Steam to provide additional keys for this version of the game without launching it.

Previously, Ready or Not was primarily supported by backers. VOID says it doesn’t want to release a game that won’t stand up to the fierce competition on Steam. However, an “early stage” beta will now be launched to “resume providing Supporter Packages to our backers and secure the resources necessary to continue the game’s development.” On the other hand, it will allow the broader Steam audience to “to experience Ready or Not sooner than they would have otherwise.”

Anyway, developers note that Ready or Not will “require lots of additional content before it is ready for full release” and will resume adding new maps, characters, weapons, and other features throughout the game’s early access release.


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