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Raven Software QA department goes on strike amid layoffs

Last Saturday, Activision announced the dismissal of about a third of testers from the QA department of Raven Software studio, which is engaged in the battle royale Call of Duty: Warzone. Today, the testers department reacted accordingly – announced a strike.

According to Bloomberg author Jason Schreier, most of Raven Software’s QA department is taking part in the strike, that is, about 40 people. The requirements of testers are simple — a permanent workplace for everyone, including those who were fired.

Most of a team of around 40 QA testers at Raven Software, which works on Call of Duty Warzone, are walking off the job to protest a sudden layoff that began on Friday. They say they’ll be walking out until the layoff is reversed.

Jason Schreier

It appears that Activision is not ready to give up. The company stated it would transfer approximately 500 temporary employees to permanent jobs in the coming months. At the same time, 20 temporary developers were notified of the non-renewal of contracts.

Those participating in the strike said that the employees who fell under the cuts were vital to the Warzone development team.

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