praey for the gods

Praey for the Gods made it to the full release 3 years later

The indie trio of developers from No Matter Studios almost three years later announced the full release of the action-adventure Praey for the Gods, the Shadow of the Colossus-esque, and release version 1.0 on the Steam store on PC as well as Xbox One (on Xbox Series X/S via backward compatibility) and Playstation 4 with a free upgrade to PS5.

Alongside the release of the full version, Praey for the Gods got an update with two final bosses, a complete from-start-to-finish story and all achievements. In addition, the developers reported on optimisation improvements, bug fixes and updates to quality-of-life features based on feedback received from users during Early Access. Also, the world has become complete: there are no more restricted areas that limited players.

Praey for the Gods is an open-world adventure game with gigantic bosses, where the player takes on the role of a lonely hero who went to the edge of a cold and dying world to uncover the secret of an endless winter.

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