Players are hailing Rainbow Six: Extraction

Rainbow Six: Extraction was released on January 20, 2022. The new co-op shooter from Ubisoft is an independent decoupling of the PvP shooter Rainbow Six: Siege, but relies entirely on PvE. The hype surrounding the game is rather small, but Extraction is already well received at release.

What kind of game is this? In Rainbow Six: Extraction you play individual missions alone or with a team of up to 3 specialists in co-op, in which you have to complete various tasks. It’s always about finding out more about an extraterrestrial parasite that threatens humanity. Extraction is a pure PvE shooter. With various playable “Operators” with special abilities, you go to different areas of the world to collect data. Each mission consists of 3 parts, each with a task and the option to go deeper into the area or escape and secure what you have already achieved.

Rainbow Six: Extraction will be playable on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Google Stadia since January 20, 2022. Find out more in our Extraction release hub. The hype about the game was rather low in the run-up, probably also due to the postponements. Now, however, Extraction is well received by gamers.

“This is how you make a game”

What players say: If you look on reddit immediately after the release, you will find almost exclusively positive threads with lots of praise. However, the subreddit for Extraction only has 3,600 members, so the discussions are correspondingly small. However, many of the users are “surprised” by the game. They didn’t expect Extraction to captivate them so much. It’s even less about the content itself. In the currently largest discussion thread, for example, it says: “It’s nice to play a game that feels complete and not as rushed as Battlefield 2042 or Halo Infinite“. Another user also agrees in his thread and writes: “How to make games.” The comparison refers to the difficult start of Battlefield 2042. The series has many die-hard fans, but the new installment in the series came with unpopular new features and such serious bugs that sometimes even cheats allegedly didn’t work.

In general, shooter fans seem to have been quite dissatisfied with their 2021 genre. Battlefield competitor CoD Vanguard and the Battle Royale Warzone also struggled. The games were even described as a “shambles full of bugs” at the end of 2021.

What is praised about Extraction? In Extraction, on the other hand, the players hardly find any errors. They write that the game feels finished. The postponement from formerly 2021 apparently helped. In terms of content, team play is a particularly strong feature. Without agreement and good coordination, even easy missions are a challenge in co-op. It is also pleasing that it is not a full-price title. Extraction starts at €40 and is included in Xbox Game Pass at launch. However, there is also some criticism, especially of punishments that are too harsh.

Minor connection problems with serious consequences

Apparently, the servers are largely running without any problems at the time of release. There are hardly any complaints about disconnections or lag. Those who are affected, however, get unusually harsh penalties. A few players report being kicked out of the mission after a power outage or internet crash. In return, they receive a penalty for leaving a round early, which means that they can no longer play – not even the training mode – for a certain period of time.

They also lose the currently played operator. As a result, they are eliminated from the game and must be rescued. If your colleagues don’t manage a successful extraction with your operator in tow, you have to go back into the mission and try to free him yourself. The corresponding mission is then guaranteed.

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