Legacy the game

Peter Molyneux’s new NFT business simulator

Launching in 2022, from Peter Molyneux and 22cans, comes an innovative new game that pushes the boundaries of Blockchain Gaming, the first-ever Blockchain Business Sim: Legacy!

You may remember Peter Molyneux from his past games: Black&White, Godus and Fable.

However, this time Molyneux moved away from fantasy worlds and god simulators to a play-to-earn blockchain-powered business sim that includes NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

The developer studio, 22cans, describes Legacy as “an innovative new game that pushes the boundaries of Blockchain Gaming” and ” a creative entrepreneur’s dream come true.”

Start your business in Legacy

To start in Legacy, players must purchase Land NFT, which allows launching a “blockchain business association” in the game. When you buy NFT and become a Land owner, you can create your digital buildings and products from thousands of available parts to build and expand your business empire. Alternatively, you can become an “in-game business partner” and borrow items from a Land owner, but you will have to share some of your income with them.

Especially for Legacy, the studio will launch the LegacyCoin cryptocurrency lying on the Ethereum blockchain, which will become the basis of the game’s economy. Tokens would be used for in-game trading; players will also purchase exclusive NFT items.

Worth mentioning that Ethereum is the proof-of-work system of blockchain, which is much energy-intensive and causes concerns among environmental specialists.

Obviously, at this stage, the main feature of LegacyCoin is the management of Legacy keys, which players can use to create the forenamed in-game business partnerships with each other. Those borrowing keys from other players will join the lender’s virtual business association – an action that will benefit the lender as some of the partners have earned LegacyCoin. It is unclear if the currency will have real value and be traded with others on third-party marketplaces, although this seems to be the point as a blockchain cryptocurrency. However, it looks like LegacyCoin will be given away rather than acquired, although 22cans say the currency is earned “through various competitive events”.

My Little Business Simulator

According to the developers’ blog, Legacy will offer new business owners several different avenues to explore. In addition to designing and making their go-to-market digital products, players will trade with others around the globe as they “vie for dominance on the open market” and strive to expand their business empire further.

As you play Legacy, you will be able to participate in various in-game competitions and events that the developer says will test your design and city management skills as you compete against others for leaderboard positions and “big prizes”. Of course, what prizes are meant for the time being remains a mystery.

The Legacy’s release is scheduled for 2022. What platforms the game will be released on is yet unknown.

In the meantime, we can only wait for further details about this ambitious project from the famous developer.

Unfortunately, Peter Molyneux is infamous for his past games. During the development and production stage, he promised unique game mechanics and a level of elaboration of the game world never seen before. However, the reality is that little of what he promised would end up in any way making it to the final version of the game.

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