News about the new League of Legends MMORPG

The MMORPG for League of Legends is eagerly awaited by players. But so far Riot Games has been holding back with big announcements. Nevertheless, by the end of 2021 there will already be some information.

What kind of game is this? An MMORPG based on the League of Legends universe has been on the wish lists of many players for years, especially after “EverQuest Next” and the planned game “Titan” were discontinued by Blizzard. From then on, Riot was something like the last studio that could implement a successful MMORPG. The LoL MMORPG was officially announced at the end of 2020. Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street, the former lead designer of WoW, is the brain behind the game. However, there has not yet been a large overview of the game’s features. However, Ghostcrawler keeps sharing small details about the MMORPG on his Twitter account.

LoL-MMORPG relies on dungeons, raids, PvP – shouldn’t please everyone

What do we know about the gameplay? The new MMORPG from Riot Games is set to take place in the universe of Runeterra. So far, however, it is not yet known what the MMORPG’s combat system looks like and in which perspective it is played. Possible would be:

  • Tab targeting like in WoW
  • Action fights like in ESO
  • A first-person perspective like in Mortal Online 2
  • Fight in the ISO perspective like in Lost Ark and LoL itself

However, there is a statement from Ghostcrawler that there has to be a “really good reason” to question the status quo of camera angles in MMORPGs. That speaks more for a third-person view like in WoW. There are also initial statements about the game content. So the LoL-MMORPG should rely on dungeons and raids in the endgame. The raids are supposed to be one of the most important factors in the game. Ghostcrawler revealed on Twitter that he would be “crushed” if his team did not implement the endgame battles well. He also wrote: “Anyone who knows me from my time developing World of Warcraft knows that as a player, I love dungeons and raids.”

However, the LoL MMORPG should not please every gamer. Because the developers have a clear vision and will make decisions that not every player will agree with. That’s a good thing, says Ghostcrawler. The social components of the game could offer potential for conflict. Because in a tweet, Ghostcrawler wonders why you really want to experience an MMO as a solo player. There should be enough single-player Gams for this type of player. The LoL MMORPG will therefore very likely focus on group content. However, many of the newer MMORPGs, such as Guild Wars 2 or ESO, make sure that solo players also have fun.

What about PvP? What is certain is that there will be PvP in the LoL MMORPG. How exactly that looks like, however, was not revealed. Ghostcrawler merely said: “The challenge is that even if I say we’ll have PvP (and we will) it can mean so many different things from ganking to epic battles, looting, duels, arenas to esports. So it’s still not suitable for everyone.”

No specific information about classes, maps and gameplay

What about classes? So far there is no information as to whether the LoL MMORPG relies on classes or on a style of play adapted to weapons and skills, such as New World or Albion Online do. However, fixed classes would be more suitable for the MMORPG, since League of Legends also relies on fixed roles, such as dps, tank or supporter. In any case, there will be a Holy Trinity, because Ghostcrawler speaks several times of healers and how difficult it is to balance healing. A tweet also stated that there are many gamers out there who “really just want to refuel or heal”.

Ghostcrawler also has a clear opinion when it comes to race bonuses and the linking of classes to special races: “If I were to do WoW today, I would make all classes available to all races and remove the race bonuses so that a race would only be a cosmetic decision for every player. I know it eliminates some of the choices, but looks are such a subjective and personal choice.”

What about professions and crafting? So far there is only one short tweet on this topic, which suggests that there will probably be fishing in the LoL MMORPG. What is there in terms of images and gameplay so far? Official screenshots or gameplay have not yet been shown. There are some artworks on the “Recruiting” page for the MMORPG, but they were also used for Legends of Runeterra.

Innovations for the genre, but a game for the masses

How innovative is the LoL MMORPG? Ghostcrawler previously stated that they will make some decisions that not every gamer will enjoy. Nevertheless, the MMORPG should ultimately become a product suitable for the masses and not just address a niche.

The boss rules out a completely experimental game: we will definitely introduce a lot of (hopefully) exciting innovations. What we don’t want is to make a super experimental game that breaks genres but only appeals to a handful of players.

What about the business model? At the moment it is not known whether the LoL-MMORPG relies on Free2Play, Buy2Play or a subscription model.

Release before 2024 is very unlikely

When does the LoL MMORPG appear? So far there is no concrete information about the release. Ghostcrawler only revealed that the MMORPG is still in a very early stage. Developers are still wanted to work on the game. Since there has not even been an exact overview of the features yet, a release before 2024 is very unlikely.

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