New details of Evil Dead: The Game from the developers

As we reported earlier, Saber Interactive studio, which actively plans to release games in 2022 actively has published a video dedicated to the multiplayer survival Evil Dead: The Game. In the video, TGA host Geoff Keighley, creative studio director Tim Willits and actor Bruce Campbell discussed the game’s details and revealed a couple of new ones.

In particular, Tim Willits said that gamers would have access to several side missions that you can play alone. A little later, the studio’s PR manager confirmed the presence of AIs in the game to PCGamesN. This means that all content will be available even to those users who have no friends or just get used to playing solo.

In addition, Bruce Campbell announced that Scotty and Sherrill Williams (Ash Williams’ friend and sister) would be voiced by the same actors who played these characters in the original Evil Dead movie.

Evil Dead: The Game will be released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch in February 2022.

Recall that the developers of Evil Dead: The Game from the studio Boss Team Games previously announced on Twitter that they had postponed the title’s release. The release date has been pushed back to February 2022.

Evil Dead: The Game will offer players both co-op and PvP modes. According to the story, a squad of four survivors will have to collect critical artefacts to close the gap between the worlds. The game will also feature a skill tree and over 25 weapons, including the iconic chainsaw.

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